Common Roof Leaks and Solutions

A house is not a home without a roof strong enough to properly protect the family beneath it. Regardless of how big or small your home is, make sure it has a roof without leaks, or you’ll panic every time it rains. Also, that small water drip could mean an even more serious problem on your roof, which you’d probably like to address as soon as possible. For that reason, the list below was created to discuss the common causes of rook leaks and the solution for each.

1. Broken shingles

Broken shingles - Chaffey Roofing Ontario, CA

Covering your roof are the shingles. It’s easy to examine your roof’s shingles if some are missing by just looking up and seeing different color patches.

Solution: The best way to resolve this issue is to simply pull out the broken shingle and replace it with a new one. See to it that it’s properly fastened by using four new nails in the right positions.

2. Cracked flashing

Cracked flashing - Chaffey Roofing Ontario, CA

That water-resistant barrier that shields your roof underneath the shingles is called flashing. They are thin metal pieces that may be exposed or covered. If damaged, the flashing often shows large cracks that need to be repaired immediately. Having an exposed flashing may be due to strong winds and heavy rain.

Solution: To repair the flashing, you have to pry up the nails used to attach the old flashing to your roof and remove the shingles on top of it as well. Remove only the part of the flashing that has a crack and replace it with a new one. Fasten the new flashing using nails again, and make sure to put roofing sealant on the nail heads.

3. Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters - Chaffey Roofing Ontario, CA

Another very common problem that causes roof leaks are gutters that have debris, leaves, and other trash in them. Gutters create a roof leak or discoloration in the ceiling of your home because they’re clogged, and the water cannot flow continuously off the roof and out of the gutter.

Solution: Clearing the gutters is not as easy as you may think. You’ll need to climb up your roof to do it properly. However, you can also let professional roofers in Ontario, CA do it to save yourself from such risk.

4. Improperly sealed valley

Improperly sealed valley - Chaffey Roofing Ontario, CA

The valleys of your roof are the parts where two roof sections meet. They are usually sloped, leading down to your roof, and if not sealed the right way, can create a big problem of rainwater getting inside your home. Valleys may malfunction if not properly installed, if cracked when stepped on, or due to too much rain that it eventually erodes.

Solution: For your safety and the efficiency of the work, it’s better to hire professionals who can repair the valleys of your roof. This job is so much more complex that it requires years of experience to be done well. Expert roofers will just put a new barrier into the valley for repair.

5. Cracked vent booting

Cracked vent booting - Chaffey Roofing Ontario, CA

The small pipes that appear at the top of your roof are the roof vents. They help remove excess moisture from inside the home. Mustiness and dark stains are usually developed in the areas where the vents are located.

Solution: The cracked vent booting can be repaired by removing the rubber around it, breaking the seal of the shingles, and sliding a new rubber boot underneath it. You can secure the new boot using new roofing nails and seal them to the new flashing.

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Expert Roofers to the Rescue

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