4 Reasons Your Roof Needs Gutters

A roof is better with gutters. Why? Learn about the use of gutters on your home and how they help maintain the shape and function of your roof. Technically, gutters are the part of the roofing system that catches rainwater in an effort to protect the foundation and the walls of your home from any damage.

Aside from guiding the flow of water off your roof, gutters can make your home look more beautiful and luxurious from the outside. For these reasons, learning more about the importance of gutters to your roofing system is necessary.

Parts of a Gutter System

To have a properly-working gutter system, you’ll need to install its parts, too. Let’s take a look at each part individually.


These are the long, rounded pieces of equipment installed on your home’s roof to catch all the water from the rain and the debris and then, later on, send it down into the pipeline.

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Similarly, a gutter system’s elbow serves as a connector between adjacent gutter pieces.


For the water to securely flow from the upper eaves of your roof to the ground, downspouts are also installed. This part consists of vertical pipes that lead water away from your home.

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End Caps

Leading the way down and out of the gutters are the end caps or the barrier-like parts found at the sides that stop water from flowing anywhere but down.

Gutter Guards

Like a cage, this part protects and supports the gutter from being clogged with items like twigs, foliage, and dirt that the gutter normally captures over time. In addition, gutter guards help prevent water from getting stuck in one part of the gutter and let it flow freely.

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Why Install a Gutter on Your Roof?

You will realize the need to install gutters once you experience any of the following:

– Damage to the siding of your home has become noticeable.

– Landscapes get ruined due to soil erosion.

– The water that enters your home later on causes molds to grow.

– Staining of your stone masonry occurs.

– Water starts to drip into your basement.

Furthermore, below are the four main reasons why you should install gutters on your home.

1. Helps prevent landscaping or soil erosion.

Soaking the soil in your landscape occurs when rainwater flows straight into it if there is no gutter. Professionally installed gutters serve as the safe pathway for this water to flow away from the roof and from scattering everywhere.

2. Keeps your basement dry.

Pressure from the water stuck in the ground near the foundation of your property builds up over time after several rain showers. After some time, such water from the rain would have a way to enter, and potentially flood, your basement. Destruction of equipment and mold development are just two common results of a flooded basement. Adding a gutter and hiring a top-tier roofing contractor in Ontario, CA as soon as possible will save you from losing thousands of dollars in costly basement repairs.

3. Protects the siding and walls of your home.

Inspecting the walls and siding of your home is the first step in any roofing service. Experts often find damage in the walls and siding of houses that do not have gutters. Regardless of what type of siding you have, it will become damaged over time unless there is a gutter keeping the water off of it.

4. Preserves shingles.

Gutters can also help you preserve your roof and its various parts. How? Gutters keep your home’s shingles intact by allowing rainwater to flow through freely and not build up beneath. Without them, your roof is more susceptible to damage and leaks causing additional expenses for roof repair or replacement.

Here are some Tips To Finding A Reliable Roofer

Have You Found Reliable Roofers to Assist You with Your Roofing Needs?

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